Groundwater Boreholes

Groundwater Boreholes

Groundwater Abstraction – Would You Like To Reduce Your Water Bill?
Did you know there is an alternative source of water other than the mains water supply?

Groundwater is the water located beneath the earth’s surface in pores and fractures within rock formations. When the rock formation can yield a usable quantity of water it is known as an aquifer and, where available, we help organisations tap into this much cheaper natural resource.

Many companies already use a groundwater supply instead of mains – they are paying very little for their water. The utility companies even abstract a
lot of their water in this way.

Landmark Environmental can help you find out whether groundwater could be used to help you reduce your water bill and then if it can, we can manage the project from initial research to tap.

At Landmark Environmental we offer a turnkey groundwater abstraction package which can provide you with your own private water supply. We work with you to ensure that the project meets your expectations and requirements. We also ensure that the finished project will be able to support your
organisations water requirements in terms of quality and quantity.

Historically, groundwater abstraction has been utilised by companies with outdoor space to sink a borehole, however, with our innovative drilling approach we are not restricted by location or areas which have previously been ignored enabling urban buildings to take advantage of groundwater resources.
Water quality is extremely important to us.

We go the extra mile to ensure that the abstracted water will be fit for purpose and will be introduced into your water system without any issue. This provides you with a water supply that is at the very least equal to the water that you are currently enjoying.

Throughout the whole process we work closely with the Environment Agency and other external agencies such as the British Geological Survey and Health Protection Agency to ensure that we have the most up-to-date and accurate information for the project. We also ensure you are meeting all the regulatory requirements under the Private Water Supply Regulations with the Local Authority.

We offer a bespoke solution for our groundwater abstraction project to meet your organisations specific needs. We also project manage the process via a stage–by–stage approach, thereby reducing the project ‘risk’.

Groundwater Abstraction will allow you to tap into the free water supply below your property enabling you to significantly save money off your water bill.
It also brings other benefits, such as a dual water supply, so if one of the water supplies should fail at your property you will still have a water supply allowing business to continue as usual.

Organisations such as hospitals are expected to have a 24 hour water supply back up, however many don’t. With groundwater abstraction the level
of risk that the hospital is exposed to is significantly reduced should there be a supply interruption to either water supply.

Carbon footprint reduction. Although this is currently difficult to prove, we believe that in abstracting your own water you are significantly reducing the carbon footprint. Many utility companies have old distribution systems and are struggling to cope with the increase in demand as the population continues to grow and pumping water from your property, treating it and putting straight into your system is bound to save a lot of energy.

Your property can be in any location, rural or urban. It can be in any sector too, offices, hospitals, retail, leisure, manufacturing or industrial.

To benefit from water abstraction your water bills need to be at least £15,000 per annum so water must be in high demand and you will need a basement car park or outdoor space for a borehole.

For a free initial investigation to see if groundwater abstraction could be feasible for your property,
call 01995 642109 or email
Other Services

  • If the complete package isn’t what you are looking for, we also offer the following individual services:
  • Hydrogeology
  • Borehole Consultancy
  • Groundwater abstraction licence work
  • Water Treatment
  • Water Analysis