About us:

Since 1990 Landmark Environmental has been providing environmental and sustainable advice on a wide range of subjects such as woodland and wetland management, protected species translocation, ecological surveys, land quality assessments, water and energy management.

At the heart of the Landmark Environmental business philosophy is a passion for helping organisations manage the valuable resource of water and their energy requirements in an innovative, legally and environmentally responsible way. We understand it is a complex area, and we understand that many organisations are wasting unnecessary expense and time trying to manage it.

The company has evolved over the years to provide engineering solutions alongside the sustainability and Net Zero aspirations of our own and those of our clients. Working closely with leading water source heat pump manufacturers, we have in-depth knowledge of complex technology solutions, along with unique patented wastewater heat exchange solutions.

We utilise unique wastewater technology, manufactured by a world leader in water and wastewater treatment and heat recovery equipment. Our knowledge and experience in buildings with heating and cooling and the environment, helps ensure we provide our clients with a sustainable, holistic service, for the challenges and benefits for de-carbonisation for integrated energy and water resource management.

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Landmark Environmental provides cost effective services to UK businesses, Consulting Engineers, Wastewater companies, Local Authorities, Universities and Public Institutions.

Working together
For nearly 30 years, Landmark Environmental has been consistently delivering on time and budget projects to help our customers achieve their business and environmental objectives.

Keeping in touch with our roots, Landmark Environmental is able to provide the following Ecological Consultancy.


For further details please call us on 01995 642109 or email on info@land-mark.co.uk